Outstanding skincare clinic, a client for life!

My younger brother got married last summer and a guest asked me was I the grooms mother, I will never forget that comment, I knew it was time to work on my skin being a busy mum and business woman I always put myself last I spend so much on my clothes and hair and workout also but I always just thought I’d good skin, it was always dry and at 44 to be asked was I am 64 was a big wake up call for me. I got a flier for Emerald Beauty Clinic at a charity lunch I was at so I rang them and booked for an appointment.

I got my first facial ever there and my ageing, lined, dry skin has dramatically improved I no longer resemble a sixty year old woman and I now care for my dry skin correctly at home with my home care plan that was made up for me. I never knew I was supposed to do this skincare for my skin and I now know why my skin used to resemble an old woman's because I did nothing with it.

At the end of the day none of us can turn back the clock but we all just want to look good for our age, I hope I will never be confused as the mother of the groom again and with my new line free skin now it's younger people think I am which is a job well done as far as I'm concerned.

I'm glad I found Emerald Beauty Clinic and I am gratefully they put me on the right road to overall good skin health, I wish you years of continued success at year outstanding skincare clinic, well done girls, a client for life.

June O'C, Macroom

Well worth it!

My sister got married last summer and insisted all us bridesmaid wore fake tan, I hated fake tan as I'm Auburn and white and no tan looks nice on me, and I was also two months pregnant and dreaded the thought of a chemical false tan on my skin, a friend of mine told me about the Exclusive tan they do in Emerald Beauty Clinic Natrasun a chemical free safe tan and best of all I got to choose from 8 shades I got this done and still today get this spray tan done going to any events it was so natural and best of all chemical free and safe, id no smell and my dress wasn't ruined.

Anyone who afraid of false tan like I was should check this tan out in Emerald Beauty Clinic, well worth it.

Teresa, Blarney

Highly recommended!

My sister and I decided to start taking better care of our skin we heard of Emerald Beauty Clinic Douglas from the girls in work as it came highly recommended we booked in for their signature facial the Advance Deep cleanse and are hooked since, we never before had a facial like it was so nice and long, and we learnt so much about our skin, we got a complementary eyebrow shape and hand treatment with it and advice on what products would get us best results, we now know we were wasting a fortune on buying all the wrong skincare products, we now spend less and get our skin analysis with every deep cleanse facial we do every few weeks, our husbands say we look younger and our makeup sits better and we now have complexions worth showing off.

Anyone who serious about getting skin results should try this facial.

Emma and Claire, Bandon

Forever grateful to my therapist, Emer!

When I went to Australia for a year I got very bad pigmentation on my face and neck, I used lash on sun cream but by the time I got back to Ireland my face was destroyed, I was so upset id scrub it every night, and used wear the darkest foundation to cover it up, but it was very noticeable, people would stop and stare at me and I just couldn't cope with it, id went to the doctor and he gave me medication for it but it never went , I didn't know what to do my whole face and neck were very damaged.

I goggled skincare clinic's and saw that Emerald Beauty Clinic was a multi-award winning beauty centre and even had the Irish Beauty Therapist of the year working there, I rang and asked for an appointment with Emer, I arrived at the clinic two years ago now and met Emer she spent two hours that day with me, she went through everything I was using, what medication I was on, what sun exposure I get, she then did their Pigmentation facial with me, I will never forget how profession she and the treatment was, and what was more important from the day I meet Emer she reassure me she would sort this skin problem for me and gave me hope something I thought I’d never have for my damaged skin.

I got a number of theses facials and a detailed home care plan that I do every day that's quick and simple my pigmentation is 95% gone I still have slight freckles but nothing like I had, I can now go out with no makeup on, there is no more patches of noticeable brown dark pigmentation skin I'm like a new women, Emer thought me how to maintain this good skin and most importantly what to do to prevent it reoccurring as I am now prone to pigmentation damage.

I feel like I was under a mask until I found Emerald Beauty Clinic, the care and professionalism and attention I got was outstanding I now go every few weeks for my maintenance's facial, I would never have known the wrong products that I had been using were attracting the sun to my skin and causing the damage, it pays to get a professional skin analysis.

I got a job transfer recently and I now live in Dublin but once a month I travel down for my treatment with Emer, I was only too happy to do this testimonial to let others know of what a great place this clinic really is, and I am forever grateful for to my therapist Emer for all her hard work, time, care and attention she gave me, and for all she has done to fix my damaged skin the past two years, it is no surprised to me she is the best in the country and is still winning award today, thank you Emer, I'm eternally grateful to you always.

Katie Mc, Blackrock, Dublin

I was thrilled!

I got my eyebrow butchered by a beautician when I was 17 and I never went to a beautician again, I went through hell that time waiting for my eyebrows to grow back, I lost faith in beauticians and then my sister heard of Emer in Emerald Beauty Clinic and has been going to her for years, I was always envious of my sister's perfect eyebrows and I was too afraid to get my done by a beautician again, then one day I went in to buy my sister a voucher and I met Emer and I was very impressed she was so friendly, professional and nice and couldn't do enough for me, and spoke so highly of my sister, I thought to myself I could trust her, I explained my fear of beauty treatments to Emer and what had happened me, and how I knew my eyebrows were the wrong shape and that but I didn't know what to do, she took the time and showed genuine concern for me and what had happened me, she recommended an eyebrow sculpt treatment.

I’d never heard of one of them, these are exclusive to Emerald Beauty Clinic where she did an eyebrow consultation first and showed me with the mirror what I needed, she showed me how to measure them and were to take and leave from, I got my eyebrows sculpted that day and I was thrilled I get them done with Emer every 3weeks now and I feel my whole face looks better with them done correctly. We all tend to take our eyebrows for granted but when they are done right they make a world of difference.

My eyebrow sculpt is E25 it takes 20 minutes and for that I get my brows measured, shaped, and tinted it's money well spent as far as I'm concerned as a professional good job shows and lasts.

Ceire, Douglas

A very enjoyable waxing experience!

I’ve been waxing for years as I’ve very dark noticeable strong hair growth, I used to find waxing painful and I often got bad ingrown hairs, but as every girl knows hairy legs is not an option, a friend of my recommended Emerald Beauty Clinic to me and said how she has a very enjoyable waxing experience there all the time, they are so friendly and professional and have the best wax for skin, so I book a full leg and bikini wax and I was so taken back at the treatment, they use wax with aloe Vera in it, and apply the nicest aftercare creams and give great advice for after wax treatments, and have a specialised waxing room.

I found the experience pain free and enjoyable and was given fantastic tips on how best to get rid of my dry skin and I bought a brilliant oil for ingrown hairs that I use after the shower every day and I have never got an ingrown hair since, I'm a regular at the clinic now and I find the free bikini line wax with every full leg a great offer and for once I look forward to my monthly waxing now, anyone who waxes should give this place a try, they won't regret it, I certainly haven't.

Sarah, Ballyvolane

I am so grateful I discovered Emerald Beauty Clinic!

I suffered with problematic skin since my teens, I tried every facial and new treatment on the market, there wasn't a product for spots I hadn't tried, then I read about Emerald Beauty Clinic's Acne Facial treatment on the Echo and I thought it worth a try, I got my first treatment 8months ago and I have never looked back since. I am now 100% spot free, I'm not paranoid in work anymore, people don't seem to stare at my huge spots on my neck anymore because their gone.

The treatments were fantastic and even after the first one I got results. I was given a very detailed home care plan of what to do at home, and I got educated for the first time ever on how to care for my skin type, down to even what foods to avoid to improve my skin, I stick to my home care and have maintained a spot free complexion since.

I am so grateful I discovered Emerald Beauty Clinic, they thought me good skin isn't that hard to achieve and is easily attainable, I look back at what I used to be doing to my skin and I know now I hadn't a clue what I was at. I cannot stress enough to anyone with problematic skin and acne how great this treatment and clinic is, my confidence is back I rarely were makeup because I am so proud of my skin now, something I thought I’d never be, I used wake up every day upset about my bad skin and I know there is many do also but I am blessed now to have a clear complexion it has been my wish for years, anyone who has or had bad skin will know what I mean, My treatment was E80 and was 90minutes in length, I now get my maintenance facial every 4-6weeks and care for my skin with my maintenance home care plan at home.

Thank you Emerald Beauty Clinic.

Maeve, Cobh

You’ll always be under great care!

Since I was a teenager I’ve suffered with problematic, acne skin and was told that ‘I’d grow out of it’ and my skin would ‘settle down.’ Unfortunately, this never happened and as a fully grown adult I still suffer with problematic skin but thanks to Emer’s help and advice, my skin has honestly never looked or been in better condition. Without a doubt, I’ve been at my wits end with my skin, like most other women I had gathered quite a collection over the years of different creams and potions that promised to work...but didn’t...and there have been days where I’ve plastered myself with so much make-up to hide my spots that I’ve ended up looking like Bozo the clown.

I even went on medication to try to improve my skin and although it did help slightly, I also suffered side effects so that’s when I decided I wanted to try a different route and give facials a go. I really couldn’t recommend Emer and Emerald Beauty Clinic enough.

She cares about your skin and works with you to improve it. She is honestly the most helpful and friendly professional I’ve ever met with regards to helping my skin and it has been continually improving since my first facial. In fact there is no comparison with how my skin was because now I know how to actually care for it! Friends of mine have even commented on how clear my skin is looking nowadays, and are even jealous of my skin! (I never thought there would come a day where someone would be envious of my skin!)

Emer strives for the best, she has a fantastic work ethnic and she’s not happy until your skin is happy. I have been going to Emerald Beauty Clinic for just over a year and I couldn’t imagine not getting my monthly facials now and not using Dermalogica products.

My skin is always improving and I have also found it very helpful that after each facial Emer writes out a skincare regime for you to follow at home. Everything is tailored to your skin’s needs. There is also a lot to be said about a person who gets to know you, especially with something as sensitive as your skin, and Emer definitely makes you feel completely at ease and always encourages and praises you for improvements with your skin and efforts you make with your homecare plan.

Without question, you’ll always be under great care at Emerald Beauty Clinic and can rely on Emer for great skincare advice and support no matter what your skin’s needs are. My only regret is that I didn’t start getting facials sooner!

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